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Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Purchase Outdoor Christmas Lights

To purchase outdoor Christmas lights has become almost mandatory these days. For Christmas decorations have gone beyond the adorning of halls with boughs of holly, and traditional decoration has now been extended to include the outside of homes. Householders love to decorate their homes (along rooftops, windows and doorframes or even netted around tree trunks and bushes) with lights of all different colors and types. If you are confused about the kinds that best suit your home and budget, here are some helpful hints to guide you along.

A few tips

Both the style of the house and the variety of trees and shrubbery in the landscaping are things to consider when designing an array of outdoor Christmas lights.
The pitch of the roof, the height of trees and the general atmosphere of the house (elegant or casual) has also to be taken into account when selecting the lights.
You must decide what kind of lights you want - colored or white. Green, red and copper are the most vivid colors and make the best outdoor Christmas lights for a dazzling visual effect.
Be on the lookout for sales. Stores generally lower the prices to attract more customers, and although the best deals are available only after the holiday season, it is the best time to invest in lighting for the next Christmas.
Always buy a few feet (15 to 20 ft) extra of lighting in case you find that you have forgotten to include the pitch of the roof or some such area while calculating the total length requirement.

When putting lights on trees and bushes, wear long sleeves or even gloves to protect your skin from the needles and thorns.
Use short strings so that they may easily be replaced in case of any defect.

Don't use white lights in combination with colored lights, white lights look so elegant that eyes tend to overlook the colored lights.
Don't use lights that have been recalled due to some manufacturing defect. They could turn out to be dangerous.

Reprinted from: http://gift-ideas.christmasgifts.net/Christmas-decorations.php

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